Movement, Sensorial

Your personal whale
Balala is a great whale colorful, winking and versatile that stimulates a variety of games. Tying the ears can be ridden, when Balala is all opened up the child can hide or rest in her belly. In the belly hides special balls that allow a game tactile-olfactory; Balala is … everything that the imagination of a child can imagine.

The psychologist: “Balala stimulates the shared game, it favors the relationship with the parent in the game of hide and be found.”
The physiotherapist: “Balala helps the child to find out its size and limitations”.
The professional educator: “Balala facilitates the discovery of a burrow safe”.
The Psychometrician: “Balala facilitates the symbolic play”.
The speech therapist: “Balala facilitates the learning of the spatial relationships”.

Hand made/100 bio
Balala is made of organic hemp and organic cotton wadding of organic cotton, the ears are made of bamboo yarn.
The balls are made of organic cotton accessory with the following fillings: millet chaff and chamomile; millet chaff and fennel; millet chaff and lavender; cherry stones; cotton wadding.
Colors: the dyeing is derived from plant extracts or minerals, and uses the milk protein for the fixing of color to the fiber.

Dimensions:  120 x 35 x 40 cm