Bumpete! Makes the ball  “rotolona”…
The ball is the key game for all children and Bumpete with its contrasting colors and ears is a very special ball.
The stark contrast colors helping infants to focus on the object to grab it while the soft ears allow a secure grip and promote the coordination ocular / manual.

The psychologist and the professional educator: “Bumpete promotes the relationship and sharing of positive emotions; Bumpete facilitates and promotes the music game”.
The Psychometrician: “Bumpete encourages tactile exploration, the grasping end, stimulates the visual tracking and the use of space”.
The speech therapist: “Bumpete motivates the exchange of communication by creating an environment pleasant and enjoyable”.

Hand made/100 bio
Made of organic cotton jersey and organic cotton, the stuffing is batting organic cotton and ears are made of bamboo yarn.
Colors: the dyeing is derived from plant extracts or minerals, and uses the milk protein for the fixing of color to the fiber.

Dimensions: 10 cm