Tactile game

Dillà ( beyond), here? What is the right way
Dillà is a cube with many faces soft and colorful; Dillà encourages the manipulation: stroke it, overthrow it, discover new things and train hands to different way of grabbing. The white and soft ears, as well as ensure a secure grip, allowing the baby to drag Dillà in the right place to create a new game.

The psychologist: “Dillà  is a useful game to boost self-esteem”.
The speech therapist: “Dillà facilitates attention as the basis of learning. Dillà promotes the recognition of forms and encourages the acquisition of vocabulary”.
The Psychometrician: “Dillà stimulates the coordination oculo-manual”.
The professional educator: “Dillà is a multi-faceted game that initially catches the attention of the child for the colors and the function of towing, but subsequently stimulates the concept of challenge”.

Hand made/100 bio
Dillà is made of organic cotton jersey inserts biological and organic linen ribbon. The padding is made of organic cotton wool and ears are made of bamboo yarn.
Colors: the dyeing is derived from plant extracts or minerals, and uses the milk protein for the fixing of color to the fiber.

Dimensions: 16 x16 cm