A friend for sleeping

shh there’s a baby resting here…
Soft and reassuring Ioshh is the ideal friend accompanying the child in bed.
With its elongated shape is perfect to be embraced, his head may act as a soft pillow and his long ears invite caressing…

The psychologist: “Ioshh helps the child to project their own emotions on it and reprocess positively”
The psycho-educational experts: “It is reassuring and encourages symbolic play”.

Hand made/100 bio
Ioshh is made of organic cotton jersey and organic cotton velvet with ears of bamboo yarn; It is filling in organic millet husks enriched with a bag of aromatic lime that produces a relaxing effect against anxiety, stress and insomnia.
Colors: the dyeing is derived from plant extracts or minerals, and uses the milk protein for the fixing of color to the fiber.

Dimensions: 25 x 8 cm