Iro, the journey of images
The stories heard are a cultural heritage that children will last into all life and Iro is a small, soft book without words. Iro need to invent each time a new story, a different trip and wonder of all the possibilities that the imagination can give us. Each page has a surprise and the last page is blank to allow you to write a thought or to leave the footprints of the baby.

The psychologist: “It allows the identification with characters helping the elaboration of experience”.
The speech therapist: “Iro stimulates the ability to pay attention and to listen”.
The Psychometrician: “Iro promotes representation of the emotions at motory level”.
The professional educator: “The stories help the child to discover the world and to stimulate his imagination and fantasy”.

Hand made/100 bio
Iro is made of organic cotton jersey, organic cotton, linen ribbon organic cotton and organic wool; the ears are made of bamboo yarn.
Colors: the dyeing is derived from plant extracts or minerals, and uses the milk protein for the fixing of color to the fiber.

Dimensions: 17 x17 cm