Tap Tap

Multisensorial carpet

Tap Tap is the sound of the first movements of the newborn
Tap Tap, full of surprises, is the ideal friend for the child who begins to experiment and to recognize itself as a person capable of acting independently, touching, moving.
Pockets hidden elements characterized by different functions to develop the sight, touch, smell and hearing.  Its design is intended to allow the baby to tie the ears to be tied together to create a safely space for exploration.

The Psychometrician: “Tap Tap helps the child to experience the movement in safety”.
The psychologist: “Tap Tap encourages experimentation and the discovery of new things”.
The professional educator: “Tap Tap promotes the pleasure of the sensory-motor and leads to sensorial discovery”.
The speech therapist: “It promotes the exchange of communication with parents”.

Hand made/100% bio
Tap Tap is made of organic hemp and organic cotton. Accessories that make it up are: the cloud is made of organic cotton velvet has padding of millet chaff with inside a bag of fennel seeds with an intense fragrance (with calming effect in cough and breathing problems ). The rattlesnake is made of cotton jersey in the head with cherry stones noisy and fun to manipulate. The sun is made from organic cotton, the rays are in linen ribbon biological. The flowers are made of webbing wool and organic cotton.

Dimensions: 90 x 90 cm